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 Ausstellung "Charleroi Verticale"

Exhibition "Charleroi Verticale"

Vernissage: May 07, 2016, Galeria Mercado Merced, Málaga, Spain.

In the exhibition "Charleroi Verticale" Dan Hummel shows a selection of vertical images that are created with the help of a Noblex panoramic camera in the Belgian town of Charleroi. These black and white images fascinate by an unusual perspective that extends from the toes of the viewer to the skies above the city. The pictures make the viewer raising the eyes and viewing city perspectives from a different angle. The extreme vertical formats are being taken as analog medium format negatives. The images then have been printed on large PVC-panels and each one has a size of 1,20m x 2,40m. The large formats look impressive in the Galeria Mercado Merced in Malaga, because the room there allows also regarding them from a distance.

Many of Dan Hummel’s latest pictures are taken during trips through Belgium and show very unique motifs from our neighboring country. The sometimes bizarre landscapes exert their own appeal and draw attention to things and situations that everyone knows but no one sees. The transitory and the inconspicuous are highlighted in a completely new way.

The exhibition "Charleroi Verticale" was shown in the Galerie Frei in Köln some time ago. Now the vertical-panoramas have travelled to Spain, and after the exhibition "Paisajes Urbanos Del Norte" in October 2015, this is Dan Hummels second exhibition in Málaga.

Here are some impressions from the vernissage on may 07, 2016:

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