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About Dan Hummel

University degree in graphic design, photographed since 11 years of age, lives and works in Cologne since 1986, and has since 1990 his own photo-, graphics- and advertising agency. Founded Wesemann-NewMedia GmbH in collaboration with the advertising agency Wesemann from Braunschweig in early 2000. Worked additionally as lecturer in photography and design between 1990 and 1998.

The connection between photography and typography as a design element has always fascinated Dan Hummel. This preference is reflected in commercial work such as brochures for industrial customers, poster and cover work for musicians and record companies, various poster commissions for theater production companies and advertising motifs for the IT and electronics industry. Dan Hummel’s own artwork has already been shown in many exhibitions and galleries. From some of his photographic artwork postcards and poster editions have been made.

The artwork by Dan Hummel shows cities and landscapes with fragments of human achievements. It is a collection of peculiar places, sometimes with bizarre shapes - things and situations that everyone knows and no one any longer sees.

The pictures are influenced by a touch of transience, melancholy and sadness.
The images impact the viewer. You can view them with respect to the past and make room for new thoughts and fantasies: Life as a combination of happiness and sadness, humor and seriousness, old and new: one without the other pale and unthinkable.

In his work, Dan Hummel uses different photographic techniques. Often the images are colored and processed using materials such as adhesives, paints and pigments. This makes many of his pieces unique because the photo prints are often used only as a base. Therefore, an end product cannot be made identical a second time. This also applies to a number of creative techniques, which Dan Hummel uses in the further processing of his images.

After the projects "Paradis", "Charleroi Verticale" and "Sea view", which show eccentric motives and sometimes bizarre cityscapes from our neighboring country of Belgium, the exhibition "God in Tin Cans" shows the small road chapels on the roadsides of the Greek highways.

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