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Pictures of cities and urban landscapes in Belgium.

From 19.11.2010 to 31.12.2010 the FRANTA gallery shows an exhibition by the Cologne photographic artist and designer Dan Hummel in the parking garage. The photo exhibition is titled "Paradis", the opening took place on 19.11.

The opening of the exhibition became a thoroughly successful event. The combination of photo art and objects from Franta is exciting and creates a variety of relationships between the exhibited works. The gallery in the parking garage is an unusual but perfect setting for images and objects. The former gas station within the parking garage space at Maastrichter Straße was transformed by Georg Franta with feeling and sense for the spirit of the age in which we now live.

"... Images of cities and landscapes with relics of human activity. Often abandoned, even more often overlooked and usually without the glamor of days gone by, they are imaged in sometimes melancholic and often cryptic snapshots."

From the exhibition text

... ”From one of these coal waste mountains, the first Safari station, Nicolas Buissart lets the gaze wander over the industrial landscape, which spreads out in subdued yellow, red and brown in front of him -. Colors that are derived from corroded metal particles. " They say the Eskimos have 50 words for snow", he says - and adds with a wink: " In Charleroi we have 50 words for rust". No question about it: this man loves his city.”

From an Article in „Die Zeit“, about the artist Nicolas Buissart. ->Link to Article

Charleroi - Blick von einer Kohlehalde
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