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Series and projects

Between gravel beach and freight train


Virus alert in all media, the last exhibition cancelled, meeting friends and travelling: not possible. What to do? Actually, a good opportunity to look a little more closely at the surroundings on your own doorstep. If you look closely, a walk along the Rhine can also mean setting out for new shores. And the Rhine Valley is very multifaceted - it combines many contrasts, which can make for exciting motifs.

Photo series winter light - Dan Hummel, photoartist from Cologne, Germany

Analoque B&W photos

Winter light

Actually, I'm not a winter guy. But the winter-wonderland of the north with snow and frozen lakes drives me - well packaged - sometimes out with my camera to use the few light hours before dawn.
The pictures of this series are all taken analogue in format 6x4,5 on black & white rollfilm. I later hand-colored some of the pictures, other pictures of the series were processed in a 2-bath toning process, which gives them a very mystical look. They seem almost like little paintings.

Greek country roads

God in tin cans

In his project "God in Tin Cans" Dan Hummel shows pictures of the little churches on the streets of Greece.
What at first glance looks like old mailboxes or speed cameras proves after closer inspection to be small prayer houses. Popularly called ”Proskinitaria” and decorated with small pictures of saints and candles, they once served as places of prayer for the farmers in remote regions. Today, they are usually memory locations of accident victims, or individuals that by luck just barely made it.
Stockholm Twilight - photo series and exhibition by Dan Hummel, photo artist from Cologne, Germany

The light in the north is different.

Stockholm Twilight

The light in the north is different. This applies not only to the brilliant, endless summer days, but also to the extremely short days of winter. Fascinating is the very long dusk phase in Scandinavia. Contrary to the often flashy sunsets near the equator, where the transition from sunshine to absolute darkness only takes a few minutes, the change from day to night leaves a lot of time in the north.

Analoque panoramic camera

Charleroi Verticale

In the exhibition "Charleroi Verticale" Dan Hummel showed a selection of vertical images that are created with the help of a Noblex panoramic camera in the Belgian town of Charleroi. These black and white images fascinate by an unusual perspective that extends from the toes of the viewer to the skies above the city.
Charleroi Verticale - photo exhibition with analoque vertical panoramas by Dan Hummel, photo artist from Cologne, Germany
Paradis - photo series and exhibition of urban landscapes in Belgium - Dan Hummel, photo artist from Cologne, Germany

Urban landscapes in Belgium


"... Images of cities and landscapes with relics of human activity. Often abandoned, even more often overlooked and usually without the glamor of days gone by, they are imaged in sometimes melancholic and often cryptic snapshots."

From the exhibition text

Between concrete and water.

Sea view

Immediately the viewer of the black and white photographs asks him or herself whether the search for peace and solitude by this sea still can be fulfilled. Some pictures taken with a panoramic Noblex camera show the headstrong, Belgian coastline in a new and unusual length. Also included in Sea View are impressions from the country and coast. The large-scale views of the often bizarre scenes of houses overlooking the sea, show that the paradise can not be divided into many small crumbs.
Sea View - photo series and exhibition by Dan Hummel, ohoto artist from Cologne, Germany
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