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University degree in graphic design, photographed since 11 years of age, lives and works in Cologne since 1986, and has since 1990 his own photo-, graphics- and advertising agency. Founded Wesemann-NewMedia GmbH in collaboration with the advertising agency Wesemann from Braunschweig in early 2000. Worked additionally as lecturer in photography and design between 1990 and 1998.

Between gravel beach and freight train


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Scandinavian Twilight

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Where the light is scarce and the winter is still winter.

Winter light

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Tips & tricks


For my work I use very different techniques. For clients I have since many years worked exclusively digital. Deadlines, cost-effectiveness and compatibility with the modern pre-print-processes has made the use of analog technology in professional photography difficult to survive.

In my personal work I use - in addition to the latest digital technologies - even analog techniques, which I cherish.

However, it is not associated with a specific preference, I am neither an Analog fanatic nor a Digital preacher.

There are many ways that can lead to a good image. At the end there are always ideas and results - the technology is more means to an end than an end in itself. I will present some creative techniques to you that I use.

Portraits with bokeh - Dan Hummel
Hand colouring photographs - Dan Hummel

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