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Ausstellung Gott in Dosen - Köln

Exhibition "Gott in Dosen" (God in tin cans)

Exhibition opening October 30, 2015 at 19:00 at Café Augentrost, Cologne, West Cemetery. The Café Augentrost is a beautiful location where the picture series "Gott in Dosen" fits perfectly. The café is located in the former mourning hall of the Cologne West cemetery and was designed by its current owners
Like so many old cemetery buildings, the old mourning hall of the Cologne West cemetery was for years buried in a slumber until committed tenants found this jewel and brought it back to life. But the way there was long. The old mourning hall, whose facade is a protected building, was listed as a commercial space. The city of Cologne had already rejected a business offer where somebody wanted to turn it into a full-service restaurant. The graphic designer Lea Nicolini and the sculptor Frank Heber convinced with their idea to use the space commercially and turn it into a "small gastronomy” business.
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