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Stockholm Twilight

The light in the north is different and the twilight has something very special.

The light in the north is different. This applies not only to the brilliant, endless summer days, but also to the extremely short days of winter. Fascinating is the very long dusk phase in Scandinavia. Contrary to the often flashy sunsets near the equator, where the transition from sunshine to absolute darkness only takes a few minutes, the change from day to night leaves a lot of time in the north. At the end of June around Midsummer in Stockholm it will not be dark at all, the night consists of a dusk phase which ends at dawn at 3 o'clock in the morning.
On the other hand, in winter the dusk begins at 14:30 in the afternoon and recalls the city in a fascinating dusk. Because the electricity is cheap, there is plenty of artificial lighting. This gives the city of Stockholm its own character during the dark season. As you walk on the streets, dressed in thick clothes, the light behind the windows seems warmer than anywhere else.
Most of the pictures in the series "Stockholm Twilight" were made in the Swedish capital, some pictures were taken nearby.

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