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Need a snack?

Need a snack?

As a sequel to the popular Drama-Grill-Motive, I am currently working on a series of images with the working title "URBAN SNACK". Takeaway-shacks and their surroundings are a world by itself, in which the fascination lies somewhere between domestic comfort and backyards, between communication and ketchup. I have started the implementation using analogue black and white material...

Imbiss Haus am See - Bergisch Gladbach - Dan Hummel, Köln

Based on the lighted menus of fast food shacks some images within this photo series are presented as luminous objects.

As a base will here 4 light boxes be used, which are usually used in fast-food restaurants for displaying the menus. The boxes can be electrically connected with each other, resulting in a complete unit with four individual images. The black and white negatives of the photo series are enlarged to large-sized diapositives using large scale reproduction film so that black and white slides occur, which fit perfectly in the light boxes. Normally these diapositives work with an ultra hard gradation (high contrast). However, if they are developed using a smooth developer (eg Centrabrom), you also get handsome halftones into the picture.

During one of my wanderings around Cologne I found by chance a peculiar fast food shack in a parking garage. No idea why the red shack is right at the entrance - but the smell from the deep fryer will certainly not disturb anyone. Visually, the shack is like a haven in the gray, and the light inside seems much warmer than the factual neon lights around it. Here a “currywurst” is a genuinely honest thing!

Imbissbude im Parkhaus Brückenstrasse - Dan Hummel, Köln
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