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Kiosk by the sea - color print

Colour print motif "Kiosk by the sea" - coloured black and white image
Farbdruck Motiv "Kiosk am Meer" - Reproduktion eines handkolorierten, analogen Schwarzweißbildes - Belgien
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The picture "Kiosk by the sea" is an analogue black and white photo, which was hand-coloured as a print. The motif shows a beach kiosk with high-rise flat blocks on the Belgian coast. The motif comes from the series "sea view" -> You can find more information about this picture series here. This print is a true-colour reproduction of the original - hand-coloured prints are unique. The original print was digitised using a high-resolution scanner.  The print is made with a high-quality colour printer on special paper.
The print has a white image border so that it can be inserted directly into a frame without a passe-partout or background cardboard. The specified print formats are final formats - including the white image border.

The motif is available in these formats:

20 x 30 cm - (Suitable for standard frames 20x30 cm)
30 x 40 cm - (Suitable for standard frames 30x40 cm)
40 x 50 cm - (Suitable for standard frames 40x50 cm)
50 x 70 cm - (Suitable for standard frames 50x70 cm)

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