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It is nice if people can see pictures as originals. The home looks great if you have the appropriate originals - but there are also exhibitions. A nice opportunity to look at real images up-close and, for example, to follow the color work and brushstrokes in color images. And because the reality is not digital but real, I occasionally show my work in exhibitions. Below is shown where.

Stockholm Twilight - Fotoprojekt von Dan Hummel Stockholm Twilight - Fotoprojekt von Dan Hummel

Stockholm Twilight photo project

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The light in the North is different. The long dusk and twilight in Stockholm have always fascinated me. It was reason enough to start a series of pictures in Scandinavia's nightly metropole ...

At the moment I work with the series when I spend time in Stockholm and have time to do it. I have already gathered a lot of pictures, but there are still many places I want to visit in the twilight. New photos require some planning: you must have at least one approximate goal in mind to pull out with a backpack and tripod at night. Camera batteries and fingers do not last for a long time at low temperatures, and many times parked cars or bypasses make it difficult to produce long-term exposures.

Stockholm Twilight Fotoprojekt Dan Hummel, Köln

Still, I hope to be able to develop the series and complete it the coming winter. I have already created a project page, you can find it here: -> STOCKHOLM TWILIGHT

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